Museums in Estonia


Estonian Art MuseumArt Museum of Estonia was founded on November 17th, in 1919 but it got its first permanent building only in 1921. Today museum has five branches: Kadriorg Art Museum, Niguliste Museum, Adamson Eric Museum, Kristjan Raud House Museum and Kumu Art Museum.

Estonian Open Air MuseumEstonian Open Air Museum is situated within 15 minutes drive from the centre of Tallinn in a lovely forest park, it contains 12 farms where domestic animals are taken care of, it has a church, tavern, a school, a fire station and net sheds by the sea.

Tartu Art MuseumTartu Art Museum Right in the centre of Tartu it is hard to miss astonishingly crooked classicist building which locals amusingly compare with Pisa tower which today homes the Tartu Art Museum boasting with splendid exhibitions of Estonian and foreign artists.

AHHAA Science CentreAHHAA Science Centre. As you enter AHHAA centre you will not get a conventioal ticket – paper slip as we know it, insted your fingerprints will be scaned at the entrance and the doors will be opened. Welcome!

Valga MuseumValga museum is a regional museum set to present South-East Estonian cultural heritage from ancient times untill the early 20th century. Museum is situated in the biggest Art Nouveau building in Valga which was designed by Georg Hellat, one of the first architects in Estonia.