Top 10 Attractions in Tallinn

1. Kadriorg Park and Palace

Kadroig Palace

Kadriorg Park and Palace  is a great example of Baroque architecture. Untill nowadays authentic 18th century interiors of rooms and vestibule in the main building is preserved. The Kadriorg palace is well known not only in Estonia, but also in the whole Northern part of Europe.


2. The Toompea Castle

Toompea CastleThe Toompea castle situated in the central part of Tallinn stands on the hill of Toompea Hill which in folklore is also called tumulus. It is a limestone hill but according to the legend this hill was heaped up by Linda who? husband Kalev was buried there. Linda carried stone by stone, mourning for husband and so the hill outgrew.

3. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is the most outstanding Orthodox Church as it captivates with luxury, size and the artistic value. The church stands on the top of the famous Toompea limestone hill which was the main point of Tallinn in the past. It also stands in the same place where the statue of Martin Luther once stood.

4. The Town Hall

Town HallThe Town Hall is one of the greatest symbols of Tallinn. In summertime it is filled with outdoor cafes, many open-air concerts, medieval markets and handicraft fairs whereas in winter a Christmas tree finds its home there for a month or more, gathering around the annual Christmas Market.

5. St. Olaf's Church

St. Olaf's ChurchSt. Olaf's church is one of the most famous buildings in Tallinn built in gothic style most likely in the 12th century yet the earliest data comes only from 1267. It is said that this building was dedicated to the Norwegian king Olaf II who was canonized and called the protector of seafarers

6.St. Catherine Passage & Masters Courtyard

St. Catherine Passage

St. Catherine Passage & Masters Courtyard is one of the most charming streets in the Old town that goes along Vene and Murivahe streets. On the southern part of the this picturesque passage you will have chance to have a look at a great number of craft shops where artists create right on the spot.

7. Tallinn Zoo

Tallinn ZooIt is said that Tallinn Zoo has one of the most remarkable collections in Northern Europe including Siberian tigers, exotic birds, polar bears, crocodiles, chimps and impressive Elephant House. Besides various educational workshops are held to increase children's awareness of the nature and the threats to the endangered species.

8. Estonian Maritime Museum

Estonian Maritime MuseumEstonian Maritime Museum located in the canon tower which is more commonly referd to as the tower of Fat Margaret. Here you will get the overview of the seafaring history, get to peek at the ship navigation aids, lighthouses, fishereis and  antique diving equipment. Moreover, here is a superb viewing point over the port and the Old Town.

9. Dome Cathedral

Dome CathedralDome Cathedral  originally known as Cathedral of Saint Mary the Virgin is one of the oldest churches in Estonia. It is important to not that the medieval church has undergone a number of changes thus today it is an blend of various architectural styles.


10. Kalev Marzipan Museum

Kalev Marzipan MuseumKalev Marzipan Museum  - One of the oldest and the most famous Estonian candy factory Kalev established a lovely museum in the Old  town where not only can visitors have a  look at the delicious exhibition but also try out their own skills in marzipan sculpturing and create their own candy figures.